From Son Ye Jin to Choi Ji Woo: Female stars who got pregnant and gave birth for the 1st time in their 40s 

These female stars all became mothers later than the standard age.  

stars mother

As the age of marriage is delayed and the number of people who postpone pregnancy plans increases in Korea, the proportion of mothers aged 35 or older is increasing.

The entertainment industry is no different. It is common to see mothers well over 40 years of age. Here are some examples.

Ahn Young Mi 

Comedian Ahn Young Mi f announced her pregnancy after three years of marriage.

Ahn Young-mi

Ahn Young Mi registered her marriage with her boyfriend with whom she dated for 5 years in 2020. Ahn Young Mi mentioned her pregnancy plan several times before her marriage, so the news of her pregnancy became a hot topic.

On various broadcasts, she said, “I want to get pregnant quickly. I want to have a legal pregnancy. I’m 40 soon and I don’t know when my husband will return unless this time. I also bought an ovulation tester. My husband is returning to the US right away. There’s no time. I want to get some good energy and succeed in getting pregnant.” 

Ahn Young-mi

Shortly after the news of her pregnancy was announced, Ahn Young Mi said, “The day is coming. I am in my third month of pregnancy. It is 13 weeks to be exact. My baby was conceived in Texas.” 

 Son Ye Jin 

Son Ye Jin, who made headlines as a couple of the century by marrying Hyun Bin, gave birth to a baby boy at the age of 41.

hyun bin son ye jin

The two announced their marriage in February of last year, after a year of dating publicly. Their wedding ceremony was held in March. They announced their pregnancy after 3 months of marriage and had a son in November, a month earlier than the expected date of December.

Son Ye Jin said, “This year was a more special year for me.. As you know, a precious life came to us. I realize that many people’s sincere affection and help are needed for a baby to be born. I want to convey my heart to the people I am grateful for.”

son ye jin hyun bin son

Son Ye Jin also thanked Hyun Bin, “And thank you for transforming into a hedgehog day by day with this whole process.”

Recently, Hyun Bin said, “Personally, a good thing has happened. I have a child. I still don’t know (who he looks like). I heard from people around me that babies’ faces change a lot.”

Lee Jae Eun 

Lee Jae Eun, born in February 1980, is 44 years old this year. At the same time as remarriage in April of last year, the news of her pregnancy drew attention. Lee Jae Eun held her first daughter in her arms last November.

Lee Jae-eun

Lee Jae Eun said, “Kim Tae Ri! You are the best gift! Dad must have been so happy to register your birth as soon as you were born. Thank you so much for being born healthily. Let’s be healthy and happy like we are now. Don’t be sick. I love you.”

Lee Jae-eun

In celebration of her daughter’s 50th days, she also took a variety of photos, from a costume with rabbit ears to a black family look.

Choi Ji Woo 

Choi Ji-woo

“Hallyu Goddess” Choi Ji Woo married a businessman 9 years younger than her in 2018 and gave birth to a healthy daughter in 2020 at the age of 46.

Choi Ji Woo drew keen attention when she shared daily life pictures of her daughter on Instagram, such as her daughter harvesting strawberries from the back, or hugging her daughter and smiling brightly.


Venny married Ahn Yong Joon, a junior 9 years younger than her in 2015. After 4 years of dating, the two got married. At the time, they drew a lot of attention due to the 9-year age gap.

Ahn Yong-jun

The two announced their pregnancy after 8 years of marriage.

Venny said, “Thankfully, a precious new life has come to us. I was worried and careful about everything because I got pregnant with an old age, so I was waiting until I was stabilized.” Now, the day has finally come.”

Ahn Yong-jun

She added, “Above all, I will take care of my health so that I can meet the baby in a healthy way, and I will protect this miracle carefully.”

Ahn Yong Joon also shared the news of Venny’s pregnancy, saying, “I want to carefully convey the happy news. I had a very happy year in 2022, and I would like to tell you the greatest happiness among them. I’ve become a father.”

Yoon Seung Ah 

Kim Moo-yeol

Yoon Seung Ah, born in 1983, married Kim Moo Yeol, who is a year younger than her, in 2015. Yoon Seung Ah recently announced her pregnancy after 7 years of marriage. She revealed her baby’s ultrasound image and showed off the excitement of expecting parents.

Kim Moo-yeol

Yoon Seung Ah is due to give birth in June 2023. Kim Moo Yeol conveyed his trembling heart of a soon-to-be dad by stroking Yoon Seung Ah’s belly and saying affectionately, “Daddy will see you in 6 months.”

Yoon Seung Ah also went on a prenatal trip to Jeju Island with Kim Moo Yeol.

Yoon Seung Ah shared, “We have 4 dogs, so I was a little worried at first, but I believe that the new baby will adapt well.”

Source: Daum. 

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