BIGBANG Taeyang published first official teaser for his special MV in collaboration with BTS Jimin

The Black Label has just released the official teaser for the collaboration between Taeyang and Jimin

On January 11, The Black Label released a teaser for the MV VIBE – a legendary collaboration between Taeyang (BIGBANG) and Jimin (BTS), which will be released on January 13. In the official video, Taeyang makes fans flutter with his manly, sexy look, while Jimin looks handsome and trendy.

In the 18-second teaser, many images of the 2 idols were revealed. Taeyang shows off his extremely hot body. Meanwhile, Jimin makes fans unable to take their eyes off him with his trendy style, it seems that the BTS member has a gentlemanly style.

Taeyang Jimin
Taeyang shows off his sexy body
Taeyang Jimin
Fans have high expectations for the product of the two legendary Kpop idols

A part of the melody has also been teased, leading to speculations that Taeyang’s new solo release will have the same vibe with “Wedding Dress” or “Eyes, Nose, Lips”. In addition, some hope that Jimin will contribute his unique color to “VIBE”, perhaps with BTS’ inspiring spirit.. All in all, fans cannot wait for January 13th to come, in order to witness the sheer greatness of Taeyang and Jimin’s collaboration.

Taeyang Jimin
Taeyang and Jimin seem to click while side by side

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • For some reason, I think the vibes and presence of Taeyang and Jimin really match. I’m a little afraid that there will be fanwars, however.
  • Taeyang’s voice brought me to life, “You know we got that VIBE~”.
  • Now a father yet Taeyang is still so handsome
  • I can spend the whole they listening to their voices…
  • Jimin looks so mature here. He’s just as hip as Taeyang
  • This song will set the music scene on fire!!!

Source: k14

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