Lee Hyo Ri comments under a funny content on SNS, “Ralral, you’re the joy of my life”

Singer Lee Hyo Ri revealed her special affection for creator Ralral (real name Lee Yoo Ra).

On May 7th, Ralral posted a content NG video taken with a Brazilian influencer on her personal SNS account with the caption, “I can’t hold it”.

The video shows two people fixing their makeup for each other in the waiting room. Ralral kept laughing while acting out various situations, such as looking at the other person in a ridiculous way or fighting each other. 

lee hyo ri

This is a content that Ralral has recently been pushing. Thanks to the explosive interest of the public, numerous celebrities have already collaborated with Ralral.

In fact, not only fans are into this content. Singer Lee Hyo Ri also expressed her interest in it. 

Lee Hyo Ri left a comment under Ralral’s post, saying, “Oh, it’s so funny, Ralral ah. Ah, you’re the joy of my life”, showing her support for Ralral’s content.

Source: Nate

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