Behind the up-and-coming award-winning actress Kim Da Mi –  a relatable personality with a strong love for acting  

Kim Da Mi is an up-and-coming actress in K-entertainment who demonstrates great acting chops with every new role. 

The star of “Our Beloved Summer” and “Itaewon Class,” Kim Da Mi creates a sensation the moment the actress appears onscreen. To attain this glory is Kim Da Mi’s long, hard struggle against opposition to her dream. Nonetheless, the actress strove forward to follow her true calling. 

kim da mi

Moreover, behind such a star is a relatable personality. Kim Da Mi is also a person who likes watching K-dramas, sleeping in, and eating snacks. 

kim da mi
Kim Da-mi starred in “Our Beloved Summer”

A dream starts young 

Kim Da Mi dreamed of becoming an actress from an early age. The actress recalled having to fight for her dream every day. She would hone her acting skills and spend time watching TV series to learn and perfect her acting performances. The actress revealed she splashed water in her eyes to imitate crying scenes. 

kim da mi
Kim Da Mi in “Itaewon Class” 

As the actress grew older, she studied Performing Arts at Incheon National University.  

Although the actress debuted in 2017 with the independent movie called “Project with the Same Name,” her breakout role only came with the 2018 science-fiction action horror movie “The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion.” The movie shot her to stardom overnight and gained critical acclaim. The actress overcame 1,500 people who auditioned for the role and pulled off her character immaculately. 

Success continued as Kim Da Mi got a lead role in the JTBC drama series “Itaewon Class” in 2020.

From her debut until now, the actress has received countless valuable awards and nominations in Korea, such as the “Blue Dragon Film Awards,” “Baeksang Arts Awards, and “Grand Bell Awards.”  

A personal connection to her role in “Our Beloved Summer” 

There is no coincidence that “Our Beloved Summer” is one of Kim Da Mi’s successful dramas, as the actress spent a lot of time thinking about her character. 

kim da mi

She said that the primary reason that she decided to take on the role in “Our Beloved Summer” is because she could express another side of herself through her character. 

K-dramas are her go-to leisure activity 

Kim Da Mi has the habit of binge-watching K-dramas. In an interview with W Korea, the “Soulmate” star revealed she did not leave her house for two weeks because she was too engrossed in watching drama series. 

kim da mi

The actress revealed she incorporated watching K-dramas into almost every daily activity. 

A strong love for eating and sleeping 

Apart from binge-watching drama series, Kim Da Mi also loves spending time taking naps and eating snacks. The actress reportedly sleeps up to 15 hours when she has the time. 

While working, Kim Da Mi also maintains a proper diet with 3 meals per day to keep her energy level high for a productive workday. The actress also shared she would eat snacks late at night or between takes. 

Source: k14 

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