Middle school friend testifies in favor of Kim Hieora, “She’s the friend I appreciated the most”

Kim Hieora’s middle school friend appeared and dismissed school violence rumors surrounding the actress.

An article titled, “Please read… I’m Kim Hieora’s middle school friend”, was posted on the online community Nate Pann on September 8th. The article’s author introduced themselves as Kim Hieora’s classmate in the third year of middle school.

Recalling Kim Hieora in their memory, they said, “She’s the friend I appreciated the most in my school days. I’m very upset that she’s being misunderstood like this”.

Middle school friend testifies in favor of Kim Hieora

According to the classmate, Kim Hieora was a member of Big Sangji but she never smoked nor bullied anyone. The actress was described as a diligent and talented student who even got along well with the teachers.

This classmate also emphasized that Kim Hieora was the person who approached them first when they were isolated by other friends in the first year and saved them from being bullied. They said, “I appreciate her so much that I just want to brag about her in my neighborhood. Thanks to her, my middle school days remain as good memories.”

Middle school friend testifies in favor of Kim Hieora

In particular, they confessed, “One day when I was on my way home alone, Kim Hieora approached me and said, ‘Let’s go together’. I hesitated to take her to my house because she was just a friend from another class. However, it was the day I got rid of other friends’ bullying. She came to my house and we had a meal together. She said I looked nice and wanted to get close to me. I still can’t forget those words.”

Kim Hieora and the classmate would greet each other and even go to the convenience store together when they met. 

They said, “Thanks to Hieora, the atmosphere of being naturally singled out decreased. In the third year, I spent time with Hieora as a friend in the same class. We studied together during exam periods and consulted each other’s worries. We also hung out at Hieora’s house. I think we became quite close.”

Later, they learned about Kim Hieora’s news through JTBC drama ‘Beyond Evil.’ They said, “I felt like I should express my gratitude before it’s too late, so I gathered the courage to send a direct message. I didn’t expect a reply because she seemed very busy, but when I received a message saying, ‘Thank you. Come watch my performance when you have time. I miss you,’ I felt that she was still the same.

Middle school friend testifies in favor of Kim Hieora

They argued, “Honestly, after the controversy over Hieora’s alleged school violence surfaced, I also thought that she might be criticized regardless of the truth. I didn’t believe that because, from my memory, even the kids who played around at Big Sangji were not all troublemakers or bullies. Some of them were a bit like that, but Hieora wasn’t one of them.'”

They continued, “We weren’t close in the beginning, so I don’t know what it was like, but the Hieora I know never bullied anyone, and she didn’t smoke either. She got along well with teachers. She was diligent and versatile. She was good at studying and singing. I remember her singing alone on stage during festivals. She wasn’t a difficult friend to approach. She got along well with classmates, and there was no negative atmosphere in the class. That’s why I have always told people around me and in videos related to Hieora that she is a really good person.

They concluded, “You may think I’m lying, but as I mentioned earlier, I wrote this sincerely. Hieora is truly a good person. I want to brag about her everywhere. Looking back, the memories of my middle school days, no matter how much I think about it, are all thanks to her.

Source: wikitree

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