4 famous K-Pop visuals with a bad fortune

They are female artists, who have both the beauty and talent as well as a passion for what they are doing but are murdered by words.

Like how they say “The mirth of the world lasts but a while” to describe women who are perfect inside out but is given a life full of hardships with no happy ending. It is said, in many Asian countries’ culture, that the sky is so jealous of the beauty and talent of those women that he decides to give them an unfortunate life. This has happened to these 4 iconic visuals of K-Pop 2nd generation idols.


Sulli’s appearance which resembles a juicy peach has made many people her fans, both normal people and celebrities. Ever since her departure from f(x), her beauty only seemed to become even sharper and more eye-catching.

However, deep inside her is a broken soul. The f(x) ex-member had been struggling with social anxiety and panic disorder. During her time as an idol, due to the negative effects from malicious comments, Sulli had fallen into the deep hole of depression, which has taken her life at the age of 25.

Goo Hara

Just like Sulli, Goo Hara was once a famous visual of K-Pop, whose prime time was between 2009 – 2013. Her career in both Korea and Japan is still a dream for many of her colleagues.

In 2018, Goo Hara was caught in a sexual assault scandal with her boyfriend Choi Jong Bum, a famous hairdresser. This man has threatened to expose their sex videos which could destroy her career. Even though she was the victim, many netizens still commented to sexually harass her. As a result, she committed suicide after struggling with depression in May 2019.

Luckily, Hara’s manager has found out and rushed her to the hospital which saved her life.

Jiyeon (T-ara)

Jiyeon, the youngest member of T-ara, was one of the hottest female idols during 2010-2012. In the first 3 years of her career, she was never absent from the top 3 visuals of the industry. Jiyeon was seen as a talented idol as she has beauty, perfect singing and dancing skill, professional performance skill, eye-catching aura, and good acting ability.

Ever since T-ara’s scandal, Jiyeon’s career went downhill. She was hated everywhere she went. From a happy and bright lady, Jiyeon lost her smile and started to become quieter.

Park Bom

After her debut with 2NE1, Park Bom impressed the audience with her sweet visual and strong vocal. A short time after her group’s debut, YG even gave her a solo debut with the track “You & I”. Park Bom’s music career reached its peak in 2014. After that, the 35-year-old main vocal went on a hiatus for 5 long years due to the drug scandal.

Used to be a top singer, she immediately became the center of hatred from the public and got drowned in despair for a long time. Her appearance is also affected due to her sickness and the rumored “plastic surgery”.

In 2019, the career of this 2NE1 ex-member has returned thanks to her successful solo comeback.

Source: tinnhac

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