Andrew Garfield, the “2nd Spider-Man,” comes under controversy for reportedly yelling at local onlookers during filming 

According to witnesses, Andrew Garfield suddenly stopped filming and shouted at onlookers who was standing by the window.

Andrew Garfield, who gained worldwide popularity as the “2nd Spider-Man,” has recently been caught up in a controversy regarding his attitude.

On April 11th (local time), foreign media outlets reported that Andrew Garfield had shouted at fans while filming a new movie.

Andrew Garfield is currently filming the romantic comedy movie “We Live In Time” in London, which is highly anticipated as he will co-star with Florence Pugh.

Andrew Garfield

According to reports, on April 3rd, Andrew Garfield was filming the movie on a street in southern London.

As they were filming in a residential area, local residents watched them from their windows.

At that moment, Andrew Garfield suddenly stopped filming and gestured to a resident to open the window. He then expressed his dissatisfaction, saying that “it is so rude to distract attention” while pointing his finger.

Criticism followed, such as “It’s their own home, can’t they open their curtains?” and “Even if they opened the window and shouted, he should have ignored it.”

Andrew Garfield

However, some also sympathized with Andrew Garfield, saying “Of course, he would be concerned while filming a movie,” “Fans can often be rude,” and “He wasn’t shouting but asking for a favor.”

The media reported this incident and also added some other minor incidents where Andrew Garfield faced controversies while dealing with fans.

In January 2021, Andrew Garfield was criticized for ignoring the delivery driver while ordering food, and in 2018, he refused a fan’s autograph request and made them uncomfortable. He also openly admitted to ignoring fans who approach him in public appearances.

Source: Insight. 

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