The three richest female idol groups in K-pop in 2022: Girls’ Generation topped the chart, GOT the Beat performed below expectation 

These three girl groups gain attention for being the wealthiest girl groups in K-pop in 2022. 

Third place: GOT the Beat

SM Entertainment’s “super girl group” ranked last in the Top 3. According to the South China Morning Post, GOT the Beat‘s net worth is up to 55.2 million USD. However, due to the differences in the members’ age, career and popularity, there will also be descrepancy among the members. 

got the beat
GOT the Beat is the third richest K-pop girl group in 2022. (Image: Pinterest)
SNSD Taeyeon
The group’s net worth is up to 55.2 million USD. (Image: Pinterest)

GOT the Beat was founded by SM Entertainment and is formed from members of girl groups from different generations. The lineup includes BoA, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation), Wendy, Seulgi (Red Velvet) and Winter, Karina (aespa). Despite the current popularity of individual members, the group as a whole has not achieved the expected success.

got the beat thumbnail
GOT the Beat has not been as successful as expected. (Image: Pinterest)
GOT the beat
However, thanks to the existing assets of individual members, GOT the Beat is still considered a wealthy group. (Image: Pinterest)

Second place: BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK currently has a net worth of 62 million USD. Their streams of income flow from many fields, such as music, fashion, advertising to even filming. All 4 stunning visuals of YG Entertainment have a tremendous personal fortune.

BLACKPINK thumbnail
Although there are only 4 members, BLACKPINK possesses a net worth of 62 million USD. (Image: Pinterest)
blackpink thumbnail
The members make banks in many fields, ranging from music to fashion and filming. (Image: Pinterest)

On February 1st, Korean media reported that Lisa just bought a villa worth 6 million USD in Seoul. Jennie also caused a fever when sh revealed to be staying in an apartment worth around 6.5 billion won decorated with luxury furniture. Although Rosé and Jisoo have never revealed their personal life and residence, fans believe they are also living a life of comfort. 

blackpink lisa
Lisa bought a villa in an expensive location in Seoul, Korea. (Image: Pinterest)
BLACKPINK Jennie Vogue
Jennie also lives in an expensive apartment. (Image: Pinterest)
Jisoo makes a lot of foturne from her fashion-related activities. (Image: Pinterest)
Park Taemin rosé
Rosé also has a affluent life. (Image: Pinterest)

BLACKPINK is currently doing the BORN PINK global tour. With the scale of large stadiums and the expected attendance of millions of audience, the revenue will be enormous, promising to bring even larger stream of income to the group. 

First place: Girls’ Generation 

According to the South China Morning Post, Girls’ Generation is the richest girl group of K-pop in 2022 with a net worth of 100 million USD. 

First gen girls groups
Girls’ Generation is the richest girl group in K-pop in 2022. (Image: Pinest)
girls generation
The SM Entertainment girl group has a net worth of more than 100 million USD. (Image: Pinterest)

Currently, Girls’ Generation is not as active in group activities as before. Instead, the members are focusing on their individual careers. For example, Hyoyeon and Taeyeon are working on group activities in another group, GOT the Beat.

snsd thumbnail
SNSD does not do much group activities anymore. (Image: Pinterest)
snsd thumbnail
The group has dispersed to make more time for individual careers. (Image: Pinterest)

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