IZ*ONE Lee Chae-yeon finally makes her solo debut… Will she be able to become “the second Chung Ha”?

Singer Lee Chae-yeon will take her first step as a solo artist on October 12th.

On September 29th, WM Entertainment released the first trailer video on their official SNS and Youtube channel. As the first teaser content since Lee Chae-yeon announced her solo debut, the video drew keen attention.

The released video caught the eyes of fans as it shows a dark and deep forest where bats fly against the backdrop of a full moon night with thunder and lightning. As a castle from far away with flashing lights appears, it creates a chilly mood with noises, wolf crying, and scary background music. 

lee chae yeon

The logo of Lee Chae-yeon’s first mini album “HUSH RUSH” released at the end of the video also attracted attention. The unique album concept with horror yet lovely mood raises music fans’ expectations for Lee Chae-yeon’s solo debut.

In addition, the meaningful caption “There is only a blue light lay down in the lonely place where no one stayed for 300 years” uploaded together with the trailer video implies a hidden story, stimulating fans’ curiosity.

lee chae yeon

Lee Chae-yeon has been so well loved for her outstanding performance skills and solid singing ability. She has also made hot topics many times by recording high views for each of the choreographies she released on broadcasts and content videos. Therefore, many people are looking forward to seeing her new aspect as an “all-round solo artist”, who is expected to bloom properly through her first solo debut.

lee chae yeon

Meanwhile, Lee Chae-yeon will release her first mini album “HUSH RUSH” on various music sites at 6 p.m. on October 12th.

Source: daum

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