The reasons why YG is accused by fans of mistreating BLACKPINK’s Lisa

The way Lisa is treated during her latest solo debut and recent individual activities has caused fans to be extremely mad at YG.

Despite being one of the most famous female idols, Lisa has been mistreated by YG from time to time, making fans extremely angry. Recently, on October 5, Lisa‘s biggest Chinese fansite – Lisa Bar announced to stop buying BLACKPINK album indefinitely.

The reason why fans have such a decisive action is due to the company’s unfair treatment towards Lisa’s solo debut as well as her individual activities. Looking back at what YG has done to Lisa recently, it’s not difficult to see how the BLACKPINK’s maknae is being discriminated against!

Short solo promotions

Lisa had a very successful solo debut on September 10 with the 1st single album LALISA, breaking many records both within Kpop and in the world. Although YG scheduled many promotional activities for Lisa, most of them are just fansigns, a few interviews or pre-recorded stages. Notably, Lisa couldn’t appear on any weekly music shows in the first week of her debut.  It was not until September 19 (9 days after the release of LALISA), that BLACKPINK’s main dancer had her first debut stage in Korea.

Lisa appeared in 2 music shows, Music Core and Inkigayo on September 25 and 26. Although she delivered impressive performances, unfortunately, Lisa quickly wrapped up the promotion of her first solo album with only 3 stages in Korea.

Compared to Lisa, Rosé clearly received better treatment from YG during her solo debut. BLACKPINK’s main vocal promoted her solo debut for up to 2 months, starting from the time the teaser came out to the official release of the album. Meanwhile, Lisa’s debut was only revealed half a month before its official release and everything was somewhat rushed.

The reasons why YG is accused by fans of mistreating BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Besides, during her solo debut, Rosé continuously appeared in many weekly music stages in Korea to promote her songs, getting many wins at these shows. She was also taken good care of by YG in terms of outfits, styling and the stage set-ups, making Rosé look like a princess.

Meanwhile, fans can’t help but be disappointed when Lisa only had 3 promotional stages in Korea. The delayed promotion time and only a few appearances at music shows have partly shown the unfairness of YG’s treatment towards Lisa.

Not having the chance to appear on variety shows like Rosé

After releasing the single album -R- , Rosé got the opportunity to guest in the popular entertainment program “Knowing Brothers” to promote her solo debut. Contrary to her fellow member, Lisa’s schedules ended very quickly. She also could not appear in a TV show in Korea to promote LALISA.

The reasons why YG is accused by fans of mistreating BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Not only Knowing Brothers, YG also let Rosé appear in the show “Amazing Saturday” many times. Most recently, BLACKPINK’s main vocal became a guest on JTBC’s reality show Sea Of Hope with an all-star cast.

In Sea of Hope, the members together manage a bar, serve customers and give the audience the best performances. Through the show, Rosé could show off her sweet vocals by covering different classic hit songs.

The reasons why YG is accused by fans of mistreating BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Rosé’s excellent covers not only captured the hearts of viewers, but were also complimented by the song’s original singer. John Mayer once praised Rosé’s cover. He even gave the female idol a guitar. Thanks to her appearance in Sea of Hope, Rosé could raise her public recognition. Many viewers have fallen for her lovely singing voice after watching the show. 

Apparently, Rosé is always the member chosen by YG to appear in famous TV shows in Korea, thereby bringing her closer to the public. Meanwhile, for some reason, the “international sister” Lisa rarely appears on these shows.

Limited individual activities compared to other BLACKPINK members 

All four BLACKPINK members always make fans proudly brag about their idols when the girls represent different world-famous fashion brands. Lisa is the muse and global ambassador of high-end brands such as CELINE or BVLGARI.

However, BLACKPINK’s recent solo schedules have enraged Lisa’s fans. Rosé could constantly have individual activities as a global ambassador of Saint Laurent, from attending the Met Gala to Paris Fashion Week. Jisoo and Jennie also had impressive appearances at Paris Fashion Week 2021. Meanwhile, Lisa is completely absent from these big fashion events, even though Lisa also flew all the way to France. Until now, the reason why she headed to Paris is still unclear.

Not only fans, even BVLGARI CEO, JC Babin, is also dissatisfied on her behalf. He revealed that although Lisa is in France, her agency does not want her to participate in the events of this brand.

The reasons why YG is accused by fans of mistreating BLACKPINK’s Lisa

The reason given by YG is to ensure Lisa’s safety amid the pandemic. However, this reason is not convincing enough because Lisa has been fully vaccinated to be ready for this trip. Moreover, the other 3 members of BLACKPINK had solo schedules in Paris just a few days ago. At those events, Jisoo, Rosé or Jennie even interacted freely with many people, while being surrounded by fans. So it’s difficult for fans to understand YG’s reason for pulling Lisa out of these events.

In the past, fans have spoken many times because of YG’s unprofessional management of Lisa’s solo activities. From the advertising pictures that are cropped unprofessionally to the unstable Internet connection when Lisa was filming for Youth With You, everything has pointed to YG’s mistreatment towards Lisa. 

The reasons why YG is accused by fans of mistreating BLACKPINK’s Lisa

As the “golden goose” of YG, Lisa is constantly restrained by the company in individual activities. If the company does not issue proper feedback as well as improve the way Lisa is being treated, it will certainly be a big loss for YG when fans decide to turn their back on them.

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