Chef Lee Yeon Bok boasted his friendship with BTS Jin

Chef Lee Yeon Bok recently posted an update and mentioned BTS Jin.

Chef Lee Yeon Bok boasted his friendship with BTS Jin

On September 12, chef Lee Yeon Bok posted a photo of him and BTS Jin on his Instagram.

In the photos, both Jin and chef Lee Yeon Bok were wearing black masks while doing the “thumbs up” pose together. Chef Lee Yeon Bok also put his arms around Jin’s shoulder. In particular, fans praised Jin’s visual even though he covered his face and only revealed the eyes.

In the caption, chef Lee Yeon Bok said, “Whenever he has some free time, he comes to visit me and asks ‘Chef, please make some delicious food for me’. BTS Jin always shows his affection for me. He often came here alone, ate a lot of food, and chatted with me.”

Chef Lee Yeon Bok and Jin became friends after appearing on an entertainment program. The two are so close to the point that they could spend time going fishing together.

Especially, Lee Yeon Bok once appeared on a wine entertainment program hosted by Cho Se Ho, and he boasted about the wine that Jin gave him as a present. His compliment for Jin, “BTS Jin made me feel touched”, made headlines after the broadcast.

Meanwhile, chef Lee Yeon Bok, who is known as the master of Chinese food, has appeared on various shows, such as JTBC’s “Take Care Of My Refridgerator”, KBS 2TV’s “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun- Staurant” and tvN’s 4 Wheeled Restaurant

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