“The Red Sleeve” Lee Se-young: “I want to see Lee Jun-ho again in a work with modern setting”

Actor Lee Se-young (31), who is attractive in her confident and honest appearance, now shines even more thanks to her character “Sung Deok-im”.    

Lee Se-young

The MBC drama “The Red Sleeve,” which ended with a rating of 17.4% (Nilson Korea’s national standard) work was created based on the narrative of King Jeongjo and Royal Noble Consort Ui-bin, who are considered the owners of the best love story of the Joseon Dynasty, and adding the interesting view of “The King loved the court lady, but does the court lady loved the King?” from the novel with the same name. With “The Red Sleeve,” Lee Se-young has received the “Best Couple Award” with Lee Jun-ho at the 2021 MBC Drama Awards. Lee Se-young laughed loudly as they mentioned the series’ ratings, she said, “It’s like a dream to me and I’m happy.”

Seong-deok is the woman whom Jeongjo (Lee Jun-ho) has loved all his life. In order to live entirely as herself, she had refused the King’s love twice, but in the end, Deok-im is an independent woman who chose the King’s love. Although Lee Se-young has already experienced various historical dramas, she confessed that she is also attracted to such female narratives that are difficult to see in existing historical dramas. Lee Se-young said, “It was fresh content because the drama makes everyone curious about the court ladies’ inner thoughts from the viewpoint of the court women that no one had dealt with. I think that was the strength of our work,” he said. “The question about, ‘The King loves the court lady, but does the court lady love the king?’ was new.” 

Lee Se-young

It was not easy to play the role of Seong Deok-im. Lee Se-young said, “I had to act so that viewers could understand why Deok-im refused the King’s love, so I focused on revealing the restrictions she felt as a court lady and the things she had to give up,” and explained, “Nevertheless, because it is a romance historical drama, as the series proceeds to its later parts, I paid more attention to her feelings for the King.” She also paid attention to external changes. Lee Se-young, who said she had been trying to gain weight to act out a Deok-im who was 18 years old at that time, said, “For this drama, I gained 3-4 kilograms for the cheeks, but I lost weight again after filming. I gained 7kg by eating late-night snacks and cheesecake,” she said. 

Lee Se-young‘s acting skills, which helped her integrate with the character Seong Deok-im, definitely shone in the ending scene. The last line of Deok-im, “And the moment soon became eternal,” has moved lots of viewers to tears. Lee Se-young said, “The original work’s and the drama series’ ending are almost the same. I was so sad and hurt when I watched the original novel after the filming was finished. It lingered for a long time, but I wanted viewers to feel the feelings I felt through this drama too, so I think it’s the most important scene.” “I tried not to cry, but whenever Jun-ho said something, my eyes were swollen because I kept crying. I was so sad by the part where San said, ‘Please love me.’ The director also cried a lot when she said ‘cut’,” she recalled. 

Lee Se-young

Her lovey-dovey scenes with Lee Jun-ho also drew a lot of attention. When asked about Lee Jun-ho‘s charm, Lee Se-young said, “The reason why ‘My House Jun-ho’ is popular might be because of his sexy charm, but ‘Jeongjo Jun-ho’’s charm is doubled thanks to his added seriousness, sincerity, and effort. We even went on the radio and promised to meet each other again in modern dramas if we have a chance later,” she said. 

Lee Se-young is considered a veteran actor as she has already debuted as a child actor has been acting for 25 years. Lee Se-young also has a great sense of responsibility as the main actor. The actors, including Lee Jun-ho and Kang Hoon, all remembered Lee Se-young as a bright and energetic person on the scene, but Lee Se-young said, “In reality, I’m quite shy and quiet. But since there are many people at the filming set, I thought I should intentionally brighten up the mood and give them strength to have fun during filming,” showing her characteristics. 

Finally, when asked about her plans for 2022, Lee Se-young said, “My goal for the New year is to eat well, work well, and rest well,” adding, “I can’t eat well when I’m stressed. This New year, I will try to eat well and detox my body healthily. I think I need to develop my physical strength,” she said.


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