Celebrity who shocked everyone by enlisting when he was at the peak of his popularity…Recent status revealed

A celebrity who shocked everyone by enlisting when he was at the peak of his popularity is attracting attention by revealing his recent status.

He is actor Kang Tae Oh, who created the “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” syndrome along with actress Park Eun Bin.


On the morning of May 26th, Kang Tae Oh posted a photo on Instagram without any caption. Kang Tae Oh, who is serving in the military, seems to have updated his recent status by releasing a photo taken during his vacation. This is the first photo Kang Tae Oh uploaded after his enlistment, so many people are responding enthusiastically.

In the photo, Kang Tae Oh showed his short-haired soldier side and unique fashion sense.


Previously, Kang Tae Oh enlisted as an active-duty soldier at the end of September last year. Shortly after the end of last year’s biggest hit, ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Kang Tae Oh immediately joined the military. Kang Tae Oh made his name and face known as well as received love and attention through “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, so the sudden news of his enlistment made many people sad at that time.


Photos of Kang Tae Oh’s dashing figure after enlisting were posted on the Internet, drawing attention. Kang Tae Oh also became a hot topic as it was reported that he was selected as an assistant instructor. Kang Tae Oh’s discharge is scheduled for March next year.

Source: Wikitree

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