Famous producer who worked with Ariana Grande and BLACKPINK ‘teased’ a collab – fans better be mentally prepared!

After the collaboration with Lady Gaga with “Sour Candy”, BLACKPINK’s collaboration with Ariana Grande seems to be just a matter of time.

 When BLACKPINK’s fans still celebrate when the song “Sour Candy” marked the YG girls’ collaboration with Lady Gaga debuted at 33 on the Billboard Hot 100, today, the joy continues when BLACKPINK has officially set a comeback date on June 26 and the collab with Ariana Grande seems to be coming real soon, no longer rumors.

Specifically, in an exclusive interview posted a few hours ago on PopCrave, Tommy Brown – the famous producer that takes credit for Ariana Grande’s hits – shared many specific things about BLACKPINK and Ariana Grande. He also revealed many “hints” about the collaboration of these talented girls.

 When asked by the PopCrave reporter, “You’ve been in the studio with Ariana Grande and BLACKPINK recently, what can you tell fans about their upcoming projects?”  Tommy Brown replied, “I did a little bit of work with BLACKPINK when I went to Korea. I have music with them that’s really, really incredible. I think the world is going to love them. I also worked with Ariana Grande, you’ve seen some of it online. But we have incredible records with both acts. Right now is the time I’ve been my most creative! “

Tommy Brown himself confirmed that BLACKPINK and Ariana Grande actually worked on a collab project, this is no longer a speculation. For those who don’t know, Tommy Brown is a Western producer, the producer for 2 of Ariana Grande’s hits that ranked 1st place on Billboard Hot 100: “thank u, next” and “7 rings”.

Actually, this is not something new for BLACKPINK and Ariana Grande fans because over nearly a year, Tommy Brown himself has sometimes given hints about this collab. The two artists worked and even went out to have fun together.

Earlier, during a live broadcast on April 15, 2020, Tommy Brown also confirmed that he was working with BLACKPINK and what he shared made fans really excited. The popular producer said, “I absolutely love BLACKPINK and I had the chance to record with the group. They are really a phenomenon, the girls are on another level. I fell asleep in the studio for about 8 hours and when I woke up, the girls were still recording diligently”

On August 15, 2019, Tommy Brown also posted a story that made fans “unable to stand still”, a close-up shot of the YG girls working with him in the studio. Fans could see that Jennie and Lisa seem to be participating in the process of making music with him. From this sign, fans believed that the BLACKPINK members might even try writing or producing new songs themselves.

On August 7, 2019, Tommy Brown also uploaded a photo of him having dinner with BLACKPINK. They seem really close. This has sparked rumors about a collaboration with Ariana Grande or the “absence” of Teddy in BLACKPINK’s new album.

More importantly, YG has officially confirmed that BLACKPINK will make a comeback on June 26. And guess what? June 26 also happens to be Ariana Grande’s birthday. Coincidence? We don’t think so!

Sources: k14

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