Krystal’s Timeless Beauty Shines Through in Visuals from 9 Years Ago

On April Fool’s Day, netizens “dug up” a series of Krystal’s past photos.

On April Fool’s Day, fansites traditionally share photos of other idols, and one of the most popular this year was Krystal. The photos, taken nine years ago, show the idol’s beautiful visuals at the 2014 SMtown Concert when she was a member of f(x).

Krystal’s schoolgirl outfit is a perfect match for her youthful and vibrant beauty, which shines through in the photos. Her white shirt and tennis skirt showed off her well-proportioned figure, and her jet-black hair made her features stand out, particularly her high, straight nose.

Netizens praised Krystal for her beauty and style in the photos, with many expressing a desire to see her return to the stage as an idol. They also noted that Krystal was one of the first Kpop idols to wear a tennis skirt, a trend that became more popular after she wore it to promote “Rum Pum Pum Pum” in 2013.

Although Krystal has since evolved her fashion style, she still maintains her pure yet chic beauty.

Source: k14

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