Famous YouTuber faced numerous testimonials of blocking people over “The Glory”

Claims were raised that netizens who mentioned “The Glory” to a YouTuber, who used to be a bully, will be blocked. 

Recently, on an online community, an Internet user posted an article, saying that they were blocked by YouTuber Haneul after mentioning “The Glory” during one of her live broadcasts. In addition, as evidence, they also posted a photo of Haneul’s Instagram from their point of view, where followers and posts are all hidden, along with a message saying that Haneul’s account could not be found.


Under the post, there were various other netizens who left similar screenshots, all saying that Haneul blocked them after mentioning “The Glory”, which is centered around school violence. 

In 2020, suspicions arose that Haneul “power-trip” the employees of the underwear brand she operated, and it was even revealed that he was a perpetrator of school violence in the past. 

haneul youtuber

At the time, the YouTuber and entrepreneur expressed her apology via a handwritten letter, saying that she wanted to meet past victims and meet them in person. In addition, she discussed the power trip accusation and said, “Because it was a company I founded at a young age, I lacked experience. I will take responsibility for everything and resign from the representative position.”

haneul youtuber

Afterwards, Haneul held a luxurious wedding with a businessman in October of 2022. Celebrities such as Yoo Se Yoon, Lee Ha Neul, Se7en, Kyuhyun, Ko Jun Hoe, Soyou, Kim Jong Kook, and Kim Hee Chul attended the wedding ceremony, alongside  1,000 guests. Stars such as Lee Byung Hun, Lee Je Hoon, Psy, Rain, and Lee Jin Wook also sent congratulatory messages, making the wedding a hot topic. 

Source: Nate

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