BLACKPINK Rosé’s extraordinary friendship with 2nd generation chaebol

Black Pink Rosé showed off her extraordinary friendship with the second generation of Hong Kong conglomerate. 

On the 15th, Ayla, the daughter of a Hong Kong fashion company, posted a picture taken with Black Pink member Rosé on her SNS. Isla met Rosé while watching Blackpink’s concert in Hong Kong on the 14th. 

Ayla blackpink rose

Ayla certified her meeting with Rosé, adding her thoughts on the performance, saying, “Last night was amazing.”

Ayla blackpink rose

Ayla, who took a photo with Rosé, was born in 2001 and is the daughter of Hong Kong actress Chingmy Yau and Hong Kong fashion company IT representative Sham Kar-wai. 

Ayla blackpink rose

Last year, she stayed in Seoul for about two months and attended various events, sparking rumors of her Korean debut, but Ayla denied it in a local Hong Kong interview, saying, “I didn’t debut just because I made my model debut. I’ve never been a trainee,” she said.


On the other hand, many famous stars such as Carina Lau Jessica Jung, who is active in China, and China’s top star Angela Baby also attended BLACKPINK concert in Hongkong

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