“Red Balloon” showed a 17+ bed scene of a married man and a 4-year-younger woman

“Red Balloon” Go Cha Won (Lee Sang Woo) crossed the line after kissing his wife’s friend Jo Eun Gang (Seo Ji Hye).

In episode 10 of TV Chosun’s weekend miniseries “Red Balloon”, which aired on January 15th, Jo Eun Gang got angry after knowing Han Ba Da (Hong Soo Hyun)’s true intention of using her situation for money.

red balloon

At the end of the broadcast, Jo Eun Gang provided an excuse to create a misunderstanding and conflict between Han Ba Da and Go Cha Won, then spent a hot night with Go Cha Won as she was shaken.

After exchanging hot and trembling eye contact, the two then kissed each other and shared affectionate actions in the hotel room.

red balloon

The hot ending of the two lying on the bed surprised many viewers who watched the drama live. At that time, Lee Sang Woo carefully portrayed the psychological changes of a man who had just had a conflict with his wife and was shaken by his wife’s friend, increasing viewers’ immersion.

red balloon

According to Nielsen Korea, the 10th episode soared to 7.7% nationwide and peaked at 8.5% in real-time thanks to the hot kiss scene. Apart from breaking its own highest viewer rating record, “Red Balloon” also ranked No.1 among dramas of the same broadcasting time.

red balloon

After the broadcast, Internet users responded enthusiastically. They commented, “If this drama was on Netflix, I would binge-watch it”, “The actors’ facial expressions increased the level of the bed scene”, etc. Some even mentioned Lee Sang Woo’s wife Kim So Yeon with funny comments, such as “Lee Sang Woo’s wife, please close your eyes”.

red balloon

Meanwhile, “Red Balloon” depicts the thrilling and warm story of those struggling to satisfy themselves by fulfilling their goals after failing several times. The drama airs at 9:10 p.m. every weekend. The broadcast on January 21st has been canceled.

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