From “Parasite” to “Money Heist”, Park Myung Hoon makes viewers’ blood boil with his antagonist portrayal 

Park Myung Hoon’s acting as a villain in different works has managed to anger global viewers. 

Actor Park Myung Hoon awesomely portrayed the villain who is filled with greed and selfishness in Netflix’s new series “Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area”, which was released in June. 

“Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area” is a hostage robbery drama where a genius strategist and robbers with different personalities and abilities fight against extraordinary variables in a special space called a joint economic zone on the Korean Peninsula ahead of unification. 

After its release, the series made it into the TOP10 rankings on Netflix in a total of 51 countries including Italy, Mexico, Thailand and Egypt, and ranked first in 6 countries including Korea, strengthening the power of K-content. Among the cast, Park Myung Hoon and his overwhelming presence is especially memorable. 

In “Money Heist”, Park Myung Hoon takes on the role of Cho Young Min, director of the Korean Peninsula Unification Mint. His character is an opportunist who forces even the woman he loves to sacrifice and acts only for his benefit in moments of crisis, stimulating viewers’ anger and arousing interest and curiosity about the development of the drama. 

In particular, Park Myung Hoon maximized the duality of his character by brilliantly portraying the double faces of Cho Young Min, who is weak to the strong and strong to the weak.

Park Myung Hoon’s passionate performance has been gaining explosive reactions from both domestic and overseas viewers. Overseas viewers left comments: 

  • “The director of the Mint drove me mad from start to finish”
  • “Park Myung Hoon’s character pissed me off in ‘Parasite’, and it’s the same here. He is really good at acting”
  • “Cho Young Min is the worst character among the robbers and the hostages.”

In 2019, Park Myung Hoon successfully played the main antagonist in the Oscar-winning film “Parasite” directed by Bong Joon Ho. He is the “basement man” who caused a dramatic twist in “Parasite”. The actor drew much praise for his acting performance.

Source: daum

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