Real-life Korean idols gif show that: Celebrities are indeed different from ordinary people!

If you see these idols on the streets, even though if you don’t know who they are, you will know for sure that they are celebrities!

Many people think that being celebrities, singers, and actors are easy … But admittedly, not everyone has the visual to do it, right?

Among many people, the so-called stars will surely bring a very different feeling to the crowd. Recently, Korean netizens gathered a series of gif of Korean stars to prove this.

A lot of normal camera images, lots of unedited videos have already proved this point, but the series of just a few seconds passed by the famous Korean actors, actresses, and idols below will tell you how to distinguish famous stars and ordinary people.

The small face, the high nose, the beautiful smile, the slender body, the charisma … once becoming a celebrity, they must be different from ordinary people !!

Are you sure you won’t look back when a man like Jung Woo Sung passes by?
Or someone like the male god Lee Dong Wook?
Shin Min Ah shows her actresses charisma when entering the event.
Even at first glance, we can see the straight nose of Park Bo Gum.
Actress Han Ji Min in front of us looks like this.
What about Suzy? The kind of visual from a goddess that defies every angle …
Let’s zoom into the beautiful Cha Eun Woo through the reporter lens …
Anyone who is lucky enough to meet Yoona in real life will definitely say “so beautiful”…
Black Pink’s sisters Jisoo and Jennie impress with one of the real-life gifs.
Kbiz also has IU who always look lovely at every angle.
And this is Seolhyun (AOA). As expected, this is the kind of visual that a celebrity will have.

Source: kenh14

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