6 idol-turned-actresses who swept nominations and wins from major awards shows

These 6 actresses remarkably wrote themselves into history by receiving wins and nominations in prestigious awards shows.

Yoon Eun Hye

yoon eun hye

Yoon Eun Hye debuted as an idol in 1999. She only crossed into acting in 2006 with “Princess Hours”. She was nominated for “Best New Actress” at the “Baeksang Arts Awards” for the role. Two years later, she won “Best Actress” in the TV category at the same awards as “Coffee Prince”.

Seo Hyun Jin

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Seo Hyun Jin started her career as a member of the idol girl group M.I.L.K. in 2001. She only started acting in 2006 and worked her way up from minor and supporting roles. In 2017, after years of hard work, the actress brought home the “Best Actress” in the TV category at the “Baeksang Arts Awards” with “Another Miss Oh”.



Despite having her roots in the idol scene, Suzy has shown herself to be a capable actress. Until now, Suzy has had a total of 5 nominations in the Grand Slam system. With her performance on “Architecture 101”, Suzy was nominated “Best New Actress” at the “Blue Dragon Film Awards” and “Grand Bell Awards”. She won that same award in the Film category at the “Baeksang Arts Awards”. In the TV category, Suzy was nominated for
Baeksang Arts Awards’s “Best New Actress” with “Dream High” in 2011. She won “Best Actress” in the TV category at the “59th Baeksang Arts Awards” with “Anna”.



YoonA has rounded up a total of 9 nominations across the “Baeksang Arts Awards”, “Blue Dragon Film Awards” and the “Grand Bell Awards”. She won the “Best New Actress” award in the TV category with “You Are My Destiny” in 2009. The actress continued receiving 3 nominations with “Confidential Assignment” co-starring Hyun Bin. In 2022, she received a win at the 2022 “Grand Bell Awards” as the “Best Supporting Actress” with “Confidential Assignment 2: International”.



Sooyoung has been more active in the drama scene ever since she debuted as an actress. Through each new project, Sooyoung proves herself to be more than a pretty face. In 2019, the idol-actress gained her first proof of recognition. She was nominated “Best New Actress” with “Miss & Mrs. Cops” at the “Blue Dragon Film Awards”, opening up a new road to success.



IU received two Baeksang nominations with “My Mister” and “Hotel Del Luna” in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Thanks to “Broker”, IU received “Best New Actress” nominations from all three major awards, namely the “Baeksang Arts Awards”, “Grand Bell Awards”, and the “Blue Dragon Film Awards”.

Source: Dienanh 

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