Shin Jimin’s Twitter was mistaken for impersonation account, all due to profile picture?

Former AOA member Shin Jimin emphasized that her Twitter account is not an impersonation one.

Shin Jimin appeared as a guest on MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope”, which aired on March 8th. She recently returned to the music industry by releasing her first solo EP “BOXES”.

Shin Jimin

Shin Jimin also introduced “BOXES” as her first solo album after 10 years of debut, saying, “This album conveys the meaning of trying to become a new me. I think it’s an album that allows me to be a little more honest.”

Regarding her recent status during the break, Shin Jimin confessed, “I went on a diet. I gained a lot of weight, so I decided to lose a little bit.”

Shin Jimin also announced that she opened a Twitter account recently. Shin Jimin, who uses an image of Hollywood actor Samuel Jackson as her Twitter profile picture, caused laughter by saying, “Many people think it’s an impersonation account. But it’s not. Twitter has a slightly different vibe.”

On the other hand, Shin Jimin’s EP, “BOXES”, was released on February 22nd.

Source: daum

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