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Lee Young Ji presented Jay Park with a super-expensive gift that made him doubt his eyes

Lee Young Ji gave a luxury gift to Jay Park on “Nothing Much Prepared”.

Singer Park Jae Beom (Jay Park) recently made a guest appearance on “Nothing Much Prepared”. Before drinking alcohol, Lee Young Ji said, “I used to be a huge fan of you. There’s actually a present I bought for you in January”.

Lee Young Ji also revealed her reason. She explained, “When I was at ‘Show Me the Money’ and I won. The producers were Jay and Slom. I was thinking about what to give a lot. I bought them in January, and I haven’t given you yet.”


Jay Park wondered, “Isn’t it just yours then?”, drawing laughter. Lee Young Ji responded, “I’ll give you it right now”.

She then took out a Rolex shopping bag she hid under the floor. Shocked to know that it was unexpectedly a luxury gift, Jay Park shouted, “What!”, and covered his mouth with his hands. He commented, “You’re lying, right?”, and began to open the gift box. The gift inside the expensive box turned out to be a Kongsuni toy.


However, there was another twist. Lee Young Ji suddenly handed over a real Rolex watch she had taken out in advance. Jay Park received it with both hands and repeatedly asked, “For real?”, because he couldn’t believe it.

Lee Young Ji then confessed, “Jay, it was really my first time going to a Rolex store. I looked for a thing that could look good on you”, adding “I already gave one to Slom.”

Jay Park immediately wore the watch on his wrist and shouted “FLEX” out of excitement.

Source: Wikitree

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