“New bride” Honey J releases new photos of her open car date and wedding kiss, drawing admiration from fans

Dancer Honey J shared moments of her newlywed life and revealed her feelings after getting married.

On November 20th, Honey J uploaded a short video on her Instagram account.

The released video shows Honey J enjoying a date with her husband in a convertible car. The couple caught the eyes of netizens with their playful appearance and poses, such as sticking out their tongues in front of the camera. Honey J also smiled happily while looking at her husband.

The female dancer also released a photo of their kiss taken at the wedding and confessed her feelings. 

Honey J said, “I still have quite a lot of things to sort out. I’ll contact everyone separately later. But first, I want to thank you all”, adding “As much as you congratulated me, I will live a happier life”.

honey j

Earlier on November 18th, Honey J and her non-celebrity husband Jung Dam, who is one year younger than her, held their wedding in Seoul with the attendance of numerous dancers and celebrities.

Meanwhile, Honey J received warm blessings when she suddenly announced the news of her marriage and pregnancy at the same time in September. 

Source: wikitree

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