This person made headlines by performing a “tearful dance” at Honey J’s wedding

A female dancer caused a stir with her special congratulatory dance for ‘November bride’ Honey J on her wedding day.

On November 18th, Honey J tied the knot with Jung Dam, who is a year younger than her and works in the fashion industry, at a hotel in Seoul. Numerous dancers and celebrities attended the wedding ceremony.

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The dancers performed congratulatory dances to celebrate the wedding of HolyBang’s leader. Choi Hyo Jin, leader of the dance crew WANT and Honey J’s best friend, also appeared and presented a stage. Wearing an oversized hip-hop outfit and standing on Virgin Road, Choi Hyo Jin shed tears as if she was too emotional even before performing her dance.

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A few seconds after the song played, Choi Hyo Jin captivated everyone’s eyes when she pressed her bucket hat and turned 180 degrees. She drew admiration by showcasing a hip-hop dance. Shouts like “Hey!” and “Wow~” filled the guest room. 

hyojin choi

After finishing her congratulatory dance in front of the bride Honey J and the groom, who were standing on the other side of the aisle, Choi Hyo Jin drew laughter as she showed her sobbing appearance again as soon as the song stopped.

hyojin choi

Choi Hyo Jin’s wedding dance spread online under the title “Choi Hyo Jin’s tearful dance” and became a hot topic.

hyojin choi

In addition to Choi Hyo Jin, the dance crew HolyBang also decorated the stage with other “Street Woman Fighter” dancers, such as Lee Jung and Noze, at Honey J’s wedding. During the ceremony, Honey J also joined the dancers in the performance of “Hey Mama” choreography. After then, Lee Jung, Choi Hyo Jin and Noze, who dressed up prettily and did the joint dance, delivered their congratulatory messages with emotional red eyes.

lee jung hyojin choi noze

Meanwhile, Honey J received lots of blessings when she announced the news of her marriage and pregnancy at the same time in September. Her wedding was originally scheduled to be held on November 4th, but the ceremony was postponed for two weeks in the aftermath of the Itaewon disaster. 

Source: wikitree

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