Jisoo revealed the number of her solo debut songs, fans are telling each other to save money

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) finally revealed a little spoiler about her solo debut.

The topic of BLACKPINK’s activities in 2022 has always drawn keen attention. In particular, many fans are looking forward to Jisoo’s solo debut. During a recent online fansign event, Jisoo revealed a small hint about her solo debut project. On January 29th, the video showing Jisoo mentioning her solo activities at the fansign was uploaded on Twitter, raising fans’ expectations.

Jisoo hinted at her solo debut project

While talking to a fan, Jisoo was asked to give a spoiler about her solo debut so the female singer revealed that she was still selecting songs. The eldest of BLACKPINK also said her debut single might have 1-2 tracks. Earlier in another fansign video released on January 25th, when asked if she would make a solo debut, Jisoo answered, “Of course”.

Jisoo solo debut songs
Jisoo is planning to make a solo debut in 2022

What was revealed by Jisoo makes fans excited. Fans are telling each other to save money to go all in for Jisoo’s long-awaited solo debut. The recording for Jisoo’s solo songs is believed to have been completed, all that remains is probably to choose the title track and concept. Having a warm and husky vocal, Jisoo is expected to release high-quality songs.

Jisoo solo debut songs
Jisoo is the last member to go solo in BLACKPINK

Some comments from fans: 

  • Take my money 
  • Jisoo’s solo is really happening. I’m so excited.
  • YG, release 10 versions. I’ll buy them all.
  • The best news of the week. We have to support Jisoo with all we have. Like acting, a solo album is also an important milestone for Jisoo so we have to work hard to support her. 
  • I’ve prepared my wallet
  • She is going to break all records like other 3 members 
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