BIBI once shocked everyone with her bold reaction to the staff who tried to cover her legs on a broadcast with a blanket

Singer BIBI recently drew keen attention with her shockingly sexy choreography at the ‘Waterbomb Seoul 2022’ festival.

Last month, BIBI took off her top while performing at the Waterbomb event and continued to present a seductive stage wearing only a bikini. BIBI’s wild action could easily be seen not only on the stage but also on other TV broadcasts. 

Last year, BIBI appeared on the web entertainment show “Healthy Year-end” and enjoyed a year-end party with Kian84, Lee Mal-nyeon, Joo Ho-min, and Car the garden.

While BIBI was talking with her knees sticking together because of her short outfit, the production team tried to cover BIBI’s legs by giving her a blanket. The staff was very considerate in case there would be exposure and tried to let the show proceed in a comfortable mood. However, BIBI reacted in a cool and shocking way.


BIBI said, “I wear trousers”, then suddenly stretched her legs to show the short pants she was wearing.

Embarrassed by the unexpected situation, Car the garden reacted, “Don’t do that…I know you’ve just come back from the U.S but don’t do that”, criticizing the action of his best friend BIBI. It was because BIBI introduced bold fanservice, such as throwing contraceptive tools toward the audience and kissing female fans, during her performance at “Head In The Clouds Festival” in Los Angeles before appearing on the show. 


Flustered by BIBI’s sudden action, Joo Ho-min turned around. Meanwhile, Kian84 couldn’t help but laugh alone because of the hilarious situation. 

Source: insight

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