Bibi almost exposed her naked body while taking off T-shirt at “Waterbomb”

Singer Bibi made an unconventional exposure on the stage of “Waterbomb Seoul 2022”, which is only available for those over the age of 19.

On June 25th, singer Bibi was invited to the music festival “Waterbomb Seoul 2022”.

In the performance, Bibi heated up the atmosphere by showing impressive rapping and dancing under the water.

bibi water bomb 2022

On this day, after finishing the live performance of “She Got It (cigarette and condom)”, Bibi took off her T-shirt while preparing to sing the song “Pado”. She tried to start a hot stage in earnest.

However, contrary to her intention, the string of the bikini inside was untied, and the audience could not help but be surprised.

bibi water bomb 2022

Bibi was likely to be embarrassed, but she reacted resolutely.

She went behind the stage sculpture and asked the staff to tie the bikini string again before continuing her performance.

Bibi, who is in her 6th year since debut, responded professionally to an unexpected situation, and the audience cheered with admiration.

bibi water bomb 2022

However, Bibi’s manager could not hide astonishment.

After posting this scene on Instagram, Bibi’s manager said, “It almost became the No.1 trending search keyword.”

Meanwhile, the music festival “Waterbomb Seoul 2022”, which has not been held for 2 years due to the pandemic, has been held successfully at Jamsil Sports Complex since June 24th.

“Waterbomb Seoul 2022” featured singers Bibi, Jay Park, Loco, Gray, Jessi, Giriboy and dance crew HolyBang.

The audience responded enthusiastically to the event, which beat the hot summer with cool water and exciting music.

bibi water bomb 2022

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