This K-drama actress gave up her dream because of difficult family circumstances 

This actress, who once dreamed of being a ballerina and became a Kpop idol instead, has confirmed her appearance in “Dr. Romantic 3”. 

Actress Yoon Bora, a former member of Kpop girl group SISTAR, will return as a nurse at Doldam Hospital. In particular, after her appearance in “Dr. Romantic 2”, she has confirmed her appearance in the 3rd season of this drama that depicts the story of a “real doctor”. 

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“Dr. Romantic”, which is set in the shabby local hospital Doldam, first aired in 2016 and received a lot of love. In 2020, season 2 was released with great reviews, and now, season 3 has been announced.  

In the series, Yoon Bora plays the role of Joo Young Mi, a nurse at Doldam hospital. This character is known to be a workaholic who is quick-witted and always handles things neatly, as well as takes pride in her job as a nurse. 

In “Dr. Romantic 2”, Yoon Bora wore back horn-rimmed glasses, a trademark of her character that played a vital role in the play, and attracted a lot of attention.

bora sistar

It is known as Joo Young Mi is Bora’s first nurse role, and to deliver the best performance, she researched related books and watched various videos for realistic acting. 

She even completed the concept of Joo Young Mi with special efforts, such as receiving detailed training from active nurses, and received favorable reviews. As a result, anticipation is high on how she will show a changed appearance in the 3rd season of “Dr. Romantic”. 

bora sistar

Following her announcement to star in the 3rd season, Yoo Bora said, “I am grateful to be with ‘Dr. Romantic 3’ following ‘Dr. Romantic 2’, which was so precious to me. I am so happy and excited already. I will show you a good side once again with Doldam, so please give me a lot of support. “

On the other hand, Bora debuted as a member of the girl group SISTAR in 2010 and received great love through various hit songs. However, she later revealed that as a child, she didn’t dream of becoming a singer.


In the past, she appeared on a TV show and revealed the story of having to give up her dream due to family circumstances. 

It turned out that the idol-actress enjoyed playing the piano since childhood and discovered her artistic talent by attending a ballet academy, and wished to become a pianist and ballerina.

Bora started ballet by chance, but fell in love with the art and so worked harder than anyone to become a ballerina from the 3rd year of elementary school to middle school.

However, Bora had a difficult family circumstance at the time, and ended up having to give up her precious dream. Nevertheless, she was not frustrated and entered the musical department. After much effort, she was able to make a successful debut as a singer.

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After building a successful career as a SISTAR member, Yoon Bora began acting in dramas from 2014. Her first work was the MBC drama “Doctor Stranger”, where she assumed the role of a North Korean defector.

While most idol-turned-actors used their popularity and started with leading roles in large-scale dramas right off the bat, Yoon Bora took on a supporting role and built up her acting skills step by step. In particular, she has made supporting and special appearances in major works such as “A Korean Odyssey”, “My ID is Gangnam Beauty”, “God’s Quiz: Reboot”, “Dr. Romantic 2”, “Chocolate”, “Chocolate”, and “Only One Person”, solidifying her filmography as an actress.

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