Youth With You trainee Luna Qin’s long Weibo post following Kris Wu’s arrest got negative reactions from Cnetz

Thanks to her dating rumors with Kris Wu, Luna Qin (Qin Niu Zheng Wei) could easily step into the entertainment industry.

The biggest controversy in the Chinese entertainment industry today comes from the latest Weibo post of Luna QinKris Wu’s former rumored girlfriend. Used to remain silent during the time when Kris Wu was condemned by the entire entertainment industry due to his shocking sex scandal, Lisa’s former trainee suddenly spoke up now that Kris Wu has been arrested.

Luna Qin revealed that the turning point of her life happened on August 30, 2019, the day when the female idol suddenly became the focus of attention because of a dating rumor. Since then, she has been dealing with a tremendous amount of cyber bullying. Someone continuously sent her 0.01 yuan with spiteful insults. In one night, Luna Qin received more than 200 yuan.

Moreover, someone even asked Luna Qin to play the role of a mistress in a drama, or sent requests to her school asking the female singer to be expelled. However, after 2 years of being attacked, Luna Qin said she has received apologies from many people. Currently, she is pursuing her own career path, although she is still lacking, Luna Qin is very cautious, everything has gradually gotten better for her. She also decided to compete on the survival show Youth With You so that she could protect her family and help the viewers know her better.

Notably, in her post, Kris Wu’s former rumored girlfriend said: “I never deny the fame I got has helped me achieve many things, but it was never my intention or choice in the first place. Today, I’m finally able to comfortably share everything.”

However, after her post was uploaded, Chinese netizens have left angry comments on social media: “Obviously she earned the fame from Kris Wu, otherwise she would have been eliminated from Youth With You since the beginning”, “When Kris Wu was arrested, she pinned a post on Weibo claiming that she was not related to him, why make a fuss now”, “She’s pretending”,…

In 2019, Luna Qin, an anonymous girl back then suddenly became famous due to a series of paparazzi photos of her being photographed with Kris Wu, sparking dating rumors. At that time, the two denied the rumors. However, thanks to this scandal, many netizens got to know Luna Qin.

Youth With You trainee Luna Qin’s long Weibo post following Kris Wu’s arrest got negative reactions from Cnetz

Appearing on the TV show Youth With You, the female singer’s talent was not appreciated, she did not stand out in both singing and dancing. However, she could still make it far into the competition, which confused viewers. Many netizens claim that the broadcasting station just wanted to take advantage of her popularity for a while, while Kris Wu’s rumored girlfriend wanted to blow up quickly.

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