Bold choices for an official event: Best dressed Yuri vs. Worst dressed Kim Ha-neul 

It’s fun to look at the stars’ fashion at official events. 

Bold choices for an official event

It’s fun to look at the stars’ fashion at official events. From stars who show off their unique charms in new styles every schedule to stars who are covered in chicness, we picked out the stars’ boldest attempts at such official events.

Thumbs up!


Yuri_ Yuri enjoys wearing white clothes at official appearances, and she made her appearance at an official event again this time with a sophisticated all-white look. Classic-fit suit emphasizes her feminine charm while the satin material creates an exquisite harmony. Hair with natural bridges in white also adds a “hip” atmosphere to the fullest. This is a bold white suit look that shows the charm of Yuri‘s perfect body.

It’s pretty!

Kim Ah-joong

Kim Ah-joong_ Her combination of structural design tops and skirts with unique details catches the attention. Kim Ah-joong matched a twisted-detailed knit top with a satin skirt that naturally exposed her shoulder. This look fits well with Kim Ah-joong‘s urban and sophisticated image, showing a fashion concept that adds not only the uniqueness of the material but also her unique charm.


Lee Si-young

Lee Si-young_ Lee Si-young showed a simple yet neat combination of white shirt and pleated skirt. It is an outfit reminiscent of a school look, but the actress added a feminine atmosphere by matching leather boots. In particular, the combination of classic-fit shirt and pleated skirt is an “average point”, so it is regrettable that there are no outstanding features. As it is a costume for public appearance, it would have been great to complete Lee Si-young‘s styling by combining bolder items.

Who’s your coordinator?

Jeon Mi-do

Jeon Mi-do_ Jeon Mi-do showed a completely different feeling from her style in terms of both jacket and pants. Contrary to her lovely smile, the awkwardly big pants and jacket as if she was wearing other people’s clothes made even viewers feel awkward. It was impossible to erase the rustic impression of the look, such as the pleated detail on the bust or the button in the center of the jacket. The bold “all white” combination was added to that, leaving only the regret of being one step closer to the worst dresser.

Oh, no!

Kim Ha-neul

Kim Ha-neul_ Kim Ha-neul, who attended the production presentation after a long time, presented a tunic-style dress with striking graphic details. However, the tunic-style dress, which emphasizes the body shape, was not enough to revive Kim Ha-neul‘s strengths. In particular, only disappointing details such as the stingray fit shape that makes the arms look shorter or the dress that spreads sideways stood out.

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