The audition stories of these 4 Korean actresses will leave you in awe 

The following 4 talented actresses beat out many other contestants to earn their breakout roles. 

The current successes of Korean stars are the results of their hard work and persistent efforts ever since they were unknown and inexperienced rookies. These fascinating audition stories of 4 famous actresses will make you admire their talents even more. 

Kim Go Eun

Kim Go Eun made her debut in the 2012 critically acclaimed film A Muse. Before landing her first ever leading role, she was an unfamiliar name to the public both domestically and internationally. To get the role of innocent high school girl Han Eun Gyo in A Muse, Kim Go Eun won against 300 contestants in the audition. This is the role that earned Kim Go Eun her first big break, bringing her many prestigious awards, including Best New Actress at the 33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards.  

Lee Yoo Mi

Before becoming a breakout star thanks to her roles in back-to-back hit series Squid Game and All Of Us Are Dead of Netflix, Lee Yoo Mi attended numerous auditions. In an interview, the actress shared: “I went to so many auditions that I can’t remember exactly. I really worked hard. Hmm… maybe more than 100. Or 200 – 300? Or is it 400 – 500? It’s a lot.” At first, many people thought that Lee Yoo Mi is a lucky actress who achieved success overnight, but listening to her audition story, they can’t help but admire and recognize her talent. 

Kim Tae Ri

Kim Tae Ri is one of the most talented young Korean actors whose good acting is acknowledged. The number of productions in her acting career is not as many as that of her peers, but every work with her participation has achieved great success. The Handmaiden is the first and also the most outstanding movie of Kim Tae Ri’s filmography. She was chosen over 1,500 potential actresses in the audition for the role in The Handmaiden. 

Kim Da Mi

Kim Da Mi has become a familiar actress to the viewers through famous films and dramas such as The Witch, Itaewon Class, Our Beloved Summer,… With her debut role as the character Ja Yoon in The Witch, Kim Da Mi has reaped countless prestigious awards. She reportedly beat 1,500 candidates and was successfully cast in this part.

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