aespa heated up “Good Morning America Summer Concert Series”

Girl group aespa splendidly decorated the opening of ABC’s “Good Morning America (GMA) 2022 Summer Concert Series” in the United States.

aespa became the first K-pop girl group to appear in the “GMA 2022 Summer Concert Series” held at Rumsey Playfield, a large concert hall in Central Park, Manhattan, New York, USA, from early morning on July 8th (local time), drawing attention from local music fans with intense music and dance performances.

In an interview with hosts TJ Holmes and Amy Robach, Winter said, “I love the people, the city vibes and the energy.” When asked about being on the ‘Coachella’ stage in April, Ningning replied, “Coachella was incredible. Actually we really want to go watch Coachella before, but we are so honored to make our U.S. debut at Coachella.

When asked “How does it feel to be a record breaker?“, Karina answered, “More than anything, we’re so grateful for your love and support. It was possible because of you guys. We will make sure to show you guys better music and performances.” Giselle talked about the group’s new mini-album “Girls”, “You will see a much more powerful version of us. We finally finished our metaverse story which we started off with our debut single ‘Black Mamba’. You can look at it as chapter 1 and now the ‘Girls’ music video is out today, so please go check it out.

After the debut song “Black Mamba”, aespa performed from “Life’s Too Short”, which previously received hot responses at “Coachella”, the pre-released song “Illusion” to the hit song “Next Level”.

In particular, aespa unveiled the stage of their second mini-album’s title track “Girls”, for the first time. They attracted attention by presenting powerful choreography and dynamic performance matching the storytelling of the lyrics that say “aespa and æ-aespa will grow further after a full-fledged battle with ‘Black Mamba'”.

In addition, local fans who visited the site on this day not only lined up from the early morning to see aespa, but also waved placards with aespa’s name on them, sent hot cheers and sang along to Korean lyrics, once again proving aespa’s global popularity.

“GMA Summer Concert Series” is an outdoor concert hosted every summer by ABC’s representative morning show “Good Morning America”. This year, starting with aespa, famous American rock band One Republic, world-class hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas, popular rapper Megan Thee Stallion, Ozuna, singer-actress Demi Lovato and other global stars will appear.

Source: daum

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