Cast of K-drama “Penthouse” to reunite in new project: will this be a good decision for Lee Ji Ah and Kim So Yeon?

The main cast of “Penthouse”, including Kim So Yeon, Uhm Ki Joon, Lee Ji Ah, and many others, will co-star in the upcoming short film “It’s Alright”.

A recent poster of the short film “It’s Alright” is being widely-discussed on Korean forums.

This movie will feature actresses and actors Kim So Yeon, Uhm Ki Joon, Yoon Jong Hoon, Lee Ji Ah, Bong Tae Gyu, Shin Eun Kyung, and Yoon Joo Hee. These are all familiar names who contributed to the success of “Penthouse” – the K-drama that totally took over the Korean small screen from 2020 to 2021. 


At the newly-released poster, most people expressed their excitement and high anticipation for this star-studded work. According to them, as all cast members are experienced actors, the acting game for this film will be strong, and interactions between them super interesting. 

However, other netizens were concerned that “It’s Alright” would just be a “Penthouse” wannabe. They believed that even if the cast stayed the same, it could never be as great, and shoving in all these characters would only create a fragmented story. “It’s Alright” will likely become a failed version of “Penthouse”, these netizens claimed. 

As of the moment, “It’s Alright” is receiving mixed reactions, but the majority of them are leaning towards the positive side. As the short film will be a dark comedy, people are curious about how the talented cast will be portrayed.


“It’s Alright” will be directed by Joo Dong Min, who also worked on “Penthouse” season 1 and 2. The film will be divided into 6 separated parts, each following a different group of people and their actions during the Covid-19 pandemic, and promise to bring laughter to the audience. 

The short film will air on the Korean streaming platform TVING on May 12th. 

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