Looking back at Kim Hyun-joong’s 5-year lawsuit that ruined his career

Kim Hyun-joong, a former member of the group SS501, recently announced his marriage.

Kim Hyun-joong made his debut with SS501 in 2005 and became the “Prince of Asia” with his prince-like visuals. In 2009, he expanded his career to being an actor with the drama “Boys Over Flowers.” However, in 2015, Kim Hyun-joong was accused of assaulting his girlfriend Choi several times. Since then, the entertainment industry has been shocked by the release of text messages between the two containing terrible abusive language along with events such as his girlfriend’s pregnancy, his assault, and her miscarriage.

In May 2014, Kim Hyun-joong punched his girlfriend’s body and kicked her, which bruised her for two weeks. In July of the same year, Choi’s leg was strangled and injured for six weeks, including a rib fracture. The court sentenced Kim Hyun-joong to a fine of KRW 5 million on charges of injury and assault.

Kim Hyun-joong ex-girlfriend

Choi filed a lawsuit for damages of 1.6 billion won, claiming that she had miscarriage due to Kim Hyun-joong’s assault and was forced to abort her baby. Kim Hyun-joong also filed a counterclaim claiming 1.6 billion won, saying that Choi violated his confidentiality obligation and spread false information to the media even after receiving a settlement of 600 million won. At the time, Kim Hyun-joong’s legal representative, said, “Both the pregnancy and the miscarriage were not confirmed. There was no assault as well.”

Choi revealed the conversation she exchanged with the idol, saying, “I lived with Kim Hyun-joong for two years and became pregnant five times,” adding, “Kim Hyun-joong is making me into a snake by asking for evidence to prove that the baby is his child.”

The conversation caused a stir. It contained many horrible phrases that no one could ever imagine coming out of Kim Hyun-joong’s mouth.

Kim Hyun-joong ex-girlfriend

What’s even more surprising is that Choi was still pregnant at the time. Kim Hyun-joong said he would take responsibility if Choi’s child was his biological child. Kim Hyun-joong enlisted and Choi gave birth to a son. Kim Hyun-joong conducted a paternity test and the baby turned out to be his biological child.

Kim Hyun-joong mentioned his son at a production presentation for KBS W’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “At That Moment When Time Stops” in 2018. He said, “To be honest, I can’t meet my kid. It’s not a situation where I can face him. Honestly, I don’t know what’s right. From my point of view, I think I did my best. “What I can say is that I want to save my words because they can hurt my child,” he said.

Kim Hyun-joong ex-girlfriend

“There were incidents and accidents, and I had a lonely time. I didn’t go out much and thought, “Do I really have a failed life or can I be happy again?” “These days, I live with the hope that today will be happy.” “There may be no far future, so let’s live happily,” he confessed.

On November 12, 2020, the five-year lawsuit between Kim Hyun-joong and Choi ended. The court dismissed Choi’s claim for damages against Kim Hyun-joong and ordered 100 million won in compensation, saying, “She defamed Kim Hyun-joong by having the above false information reported to the media through a press interview.”

Kim Hyun-joong ex-girlfriend

Kim Hyun-joong confessed that he has been having nightmares since the day he became a single father. He only found happiness when he met his life partner. However, it is not easy for the public to celebrate Kim Hyun-joong’s past. Hopefully a married Kim Hyun-joong will deliver only good news and no controversy.

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