Lee Je Hoon thanked Nam Goong Min, Kim So Yeon and Moon Chae Yeon for their cameo appearances in “Taxi Driver 2”

Lee Je Hoon expressed his gratitude to the actors who added strength to “Taxi Driver 2” with their special appearances.

In episode 9 of “Taxi Driver 2”, which aired on the 24th of last month, “One Dollar Lawyer” Nam Goong Min came out as a cameo. Repaying Lee Je Hoon’s special appearances in two of his dramas previously, including “Hot Stove League” and “One Dollar Lawyer”, Nam Goong Min decided to contribute a cameo role to “Taxi Driver 2”.


In this regard, Lee Je Hoon said, “I got to know senior actor Nam Goong Min through my cameo appearances, and we are now close senior and junior who often get in touch and support each other”, adding “While filming ‘One Dollar Lawyer’, Nam Goong Min asked me to make a special appearance. I was also filming ‘Taxi Driver’ at that time so I proposed a similar offer to him. After he agreed, I discussed the episodes where he could appear with the production director, PD, and screenwriter.”


He continued, “I’m grateful for Nam Goong Min’s special appearance, but I felt so sorry that I made him learn the script of ‘Taxi Driver’ when he was on his honeymoon after his previous drama and his lines were exceptionally long”, adding “Despite that, I realized that he was such an amazing actor when I saw him perfectly memorize his lines and perform them on the set. I hope we will have more chances to appear in each other’s works as guest actors in the future.”

Lee Je Hoon also thanked Kim So Yeon for her support with the role of the first taxi driver, saying “I felt so thankful and it was such a special role. It made me feel that the worldview of ‘Taxi Driver’ can expand even more”, adding “Thanks to her special appearance, I begin to think that this worldview can be unfolded indefinitely”.


Lastly, he also mentioned Moon Chae Won, who appeared briefly as Lieutenant Oh Mi Seo. Lee Je Hoon said, “I was very surprised to know that Moon Chae Won would be coming out in our drama. As we left a clue with her character in the last episode, it would be great if it could become a connection to a case that can be solved in Season 3.”

Source: Naver

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