ARMYs are furious as crazy fans threw objects onto BTS’ stage

This incident left the ARMY community unable to stay still.

The fact that idols and fans interact with each other during fan meetings or concerts is not something rarely happens, and the idols’ being thrown objects at by fans is not new either. However, it has created a flood of outrage as the latest victim is BTS.

It can be said that BTS has a huge fan base and of course, there are also many crazy fans. These fans often overreact and express their feelings excessively which made true fans extremely angry. Plenty of times, a part of the fan club threw what they were having in their hands onto stage. Jimin is even constantly thrown at his head.

First of all, this action affects the performance of the artist. Second, if they are solid objects, throwing with strong enough force can cause the injury to the idols.

Some comments by netizens:

“Why could they do that?”
“I decided to say this after watching so many fancams. Please do not hurt them anymore.”
“I’m scared to see the cold faces of them so stop that action.”

Loving idols is one of the best features of being a fan; however, do not let it become misguided and distorted. Act in the right way is to protect the idols and ourselves.

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