3 must-see points of Park So-dam’s “Special Cargo”

While “Special Cargo” was revealed through a preview before its release, the audience who enjoyed the movie directly picked the must-see points.

“Exciting car chasing and action that must be seen on the big screen!”

Special Cargo” (Director Park Dae-min) is a crime action film which revolves around delivery driver Eun-ha with a 100% success rate. Things start happening when she is involved in an unexpected incident after a young child boards into her car. From wide round-trip lanes to narrow alleyways, the movie presents a breathtaking chase with unrivaled car chasing that runs smoothly with exquisite speed control.

Park So-dam Special Cargo
Park So-dam Special Cargo

“A movie you must watch with full sound at the theater!”

The second must-see point is the music that raises the chase’s tension to the highest level. Director Park Dae-min completed the work’s own sensuous music in collaboration with music director Hwang Sang-joon, who received attention for his suspense-raising music in “Money“, “Confidential Assignment“, “Lost” and “My Name“. The rhythmical music inserted throughout “Special Cargo” meets stylish and exciting action to catch the eyes and ears of the audience.

Park So-dam Special Cargo
Park So-dam Special Cargo

“Perfect cast without flaws!”

Finally, the ensemble of trustworthy actors representing Korea is considered the third must-see point. From Park So-dam, Song Sae-byeok to Kim Eui-sung, the enthusiastic synergy created by top class actors adds strength to the thrilling development as well as gives the audience unpredictable tension and pleasure.

Park So-dam Special Cargo


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