All-rounder “Golden Maknae” Jung-kook won #1 on the “Best Maknae among K-Pop idols in 2021”

BTS Jung-kook proved his popularity once again as he topped the chart of “The Best Maknae” among K-pop male idols.

Recently, Japanese media WowKorea announced the results of the Internet research on the “2021 K-pop Male Idol’s Best Maknae” conducted by CM site Co., Ltd. According to the media, Jung-kook, a member of BTS, ranked No. 1 in the “2021 K-pop Male Idol’s Best Maknae” rankings.

Golden Maknae Jung-kook won

The media introduced Jung-kook as a “muscular rabbit” with a lovely smile and praised him for his outstanding performance, adding that he is now a K-pop top idol loved by people around the world for his sleek dance with excellent athletic skills. 

Golden Maknae Jung-kook won

The media also mentioned how BTS always says, “Jung-kook is good at everything,” stressing that the members themselves also admitted that he was the “best maknae”. Jung-kook’s group members never miss the chance to praise his personality, saying he is always humble and has a great personality.

Golden Maknae Jung-kook won

Also, voters who voted for Jung-kook said, “His face is cute, but his performance is cool. He is versatile in everything and has a good personality. He is the ultimate healing character,” “He is the Golden Maknae who has the talent in singing, dancing, visual, painting talent, fun, style, and cuteness,” and “I like his beautiful voice and cute face, his hardworking attitude and how he always cherishes ARMY.” 

Golden Maknae Jung-kook won

Jung-kook has been selected as the “K-pop Male Idol’s Best Maknae” for the second consecutive year. Jung-kook has won the title of the “K-pop Male Idol’s Best Maknae” for two consecutive years, ranking first in the vote of “Top 50 Best K-pop Maknae 2021” and “Best K-pop Maknae 2020” hosted by King Choice for fans around the world.

Golden Maknae Jung-kook won

Jung-kook’s ability is unbelievable as he plays various positions such as main vocalist, lead dancer, and sub rapper in BTS. Jung-kook also shows outstanding talents in the arts and sports fields such as boxing, swimming, video production, painting, and photography, as well as the aspect of an all-rounder artist as he also participates in writing, composing and producing music.


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