“Run away Ye Sol”, “The Glory” Park Sung Hoon reacts to funny comments under a photo with child actress Oh Ji Yul

Actor Park Sung Hoon dived into the meanings and interactions on his Instagram posts with DAZED Korea. 

On May 4th, DAZED Korea released a video featuring Park Sung Hoon where he reviewed his Instagram posts and revealed their meanings. 

At the parodied poster of “The Glory”, the actor explained, “It’s a concept where Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) and Jae Jun are facing each other.”

In the “Glory”, Park Sung Hoon played Jeon Jae Jun, one of the major school violence perpetrators. Park Sung Hoon then said, “[It seems] I shed a drop of actual tears at this time”, adding, “Maybe this is graphic”.


Park Sung Hoon also showed a photo he took with the child actor Oh Ji Yul, who plays Ha Ye Sol in the drama series. The actor said, “We took pictures very happily and affectionately, but many people left comments such as ‘Run away Ye Sol’ and ‘What’s wrong with you?’” causing laughter. 

In the post, actress Lim Ji Yeon also joined the fun, commenting, “Avoid my daughter”. Meanwhile, actor Wi Ha Joon also chimed in, “Brother… I think Ye Sol is scared…” Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung also jumped on the bandwagon, telling “Ye Sol” to run away, while child actress Ji Yul herself showed affection and commented, “Uncle, I love you too (I’m Ye Sol)”.


In particular, Park Sung Hoon also read actress Kim Hieora’s comment, “What’s wrong with your smile? I’m scared”, to which he replied, “I don’t know what’s scary”. Finally, Park Sung Hoon expressed his bitter feelings, saying, “Anyway, it’s a picture that scared many people”. 

Source: Daum 

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