Lee Seung Gi, “I avoid people around me because of my former agency, I cried a lot and came to my senses” 

Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi honestly revealed his thoughts regarding the dispute with his former agency.

On March 31st, a video titled “ENCORE – Singing Again” was published on the YouTube channel of Lee Seung Gi’s self-founded agency, “HUMANMADE”. Wearing casual clothes in front of the camera, Lee Seung Gi introduced himself, saying, “I am Lee Seung Gi, a singer and entertainer with 20 years of experience.”

lee seung gi

The actor then mentioned the conflict with his former agency, “A lot has happened from last November to this March, my life has changed a lot, and I have sorted out old relationships”, adding, “I have made new connections, and I am now feeling a different kind of happiness, and it is a time when I am deeply contemplating what I should do in my life to be the happiest and do my best.”

lee seung gi

Lee Seung Gi, who wants to show his second chapter as a singer, travels with the producer team Captain Planet to make music. Here, Lee Seung Gi enjoyed a relaxed trip with his crew, and when inspiration struck, he did not miss the opportunity to create music and sing, fully enjoying his freedom.

Having just overcome a difficult time due to a legal battle with his former agency, the singer candidly revealed his inner thoughts. He said, “When I was filming a movie, I had a legal battle with my former agency, but it wasn’t that bad. If it had truly been so bad, I wouldn’t have been able to act. But everything seemingly went to my head at the time.”

lee seung gi

According to the actor, he even became feverish with his head turning red. However, since he was playing the role of a monk, Lee Seung Gi had no choice but to put makeup on his head.

Lee Seung Gi also disclosed that he foolishly believed in his former agency, and maintained a long relationship with them. At times, they even made him develop doubts about the passion and affection that he showed in the early days. 

lee seung gi

The singer-actor also mentioned the moment where he realized that the agency and some related people were not on his side and were not sincere about him. “That’s when I started to come to my senses. Since then, I have been asking more precisely why they didn’t pay me for the sound source fees,” Lee Seung Gi confessed with a solemn expression, adding that he even started to avoid people around him and cried a lot.  

Nevertheless, Lee Seung Gi is more confident and stable nowadays, and he believed that this wouldn’t happen without such past trials. “I think it was an experience that was very necessary for me to be happy”, he said. 

lee seung gi

Finally, Lee Seung Gi expressed his positive mindset, saying, “Fortunately, I met really good people again, and now I am so happy. I feel like I am living my life. I express my thoughts more, and of course, I make mistakes and may not always come to the best conclusion, but the process is truly enjoyable. I think this is a very good situation, even if I think about it a hundred times.”

Source: Nate

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