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After controversial behavior at university festival, Hwasa’s new bold remarks draw attention, “I want a strip show”

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa continues to make bold moves.

On May 18th, the official SNS of tvN’s “Dancing Queens on the Road” released a preview video and captioned, “Hwasa doesn’t hold back!

In the video, Hwasa was late for a scheduled meeting and said, “Sunbaenim, you’re the main character!” to Lee Hyori, revealing her playful and mischievous side as the maknae of the cast. 

When Lee Hyori, Kim Wan Sun, BoA, and Uhm Jung Hwa ask her to show them a pelvic dance, Hwasa jokingly responds, “Send me home,” making everyone laugh. Someone even said, “Hwasa said she wants to do a strip show.”


Hwasa, in particular, drew attention by emphasizing, “We gotta indulge ourselves. We’re going to unleash the talent we haven’t been able to enjoy so far.

Meanwhile, Hwasa was previously embroiled in a controversy over an inappropriate action during her performance at a university festival. At the time, she wore short pants, spread her legs, and licked her hand before touching a sensitive area. 

While some argued that it was just a performance, others criticized that Hwasa crossed a line. Hwasa will appear on the premiere of “Dancing Queens on the Road” on May 25th, along with Lee Hyori, Kim Wan Sun, Uhm Jung Hwa, and BoA.

Source: Nate

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