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BB Girls Yoojung reveals the reason the group gave up their previous name on “No Turning Back Tak Jae Hun” 

On May 18th, the “No Turning Back Tak Jae Hun” YouTube channel released a new video featuring BB Girls Yoojung. 

In the video, Yoojung said, “[Brave Girls] almost fell apart, but we came back”, referring to a fresh start after a recent breakup with Brave Entertainment. The host Tak Jae Hun grabbed the opportunity and asked whether she liked being at Brave Entertainment or not. In response, Yoojung answered tactfully, “I didn’t hate it”.


At the new name Brave Girls, Tak Jae Hun wondered why the group did not continue activities under Brave Girls. To this question, Yoojung replied that they were not able to. The host further raised the question, “Isn’t it the signature of the previous company?”, to which Yoojung nodded. 

As the group is debuting once again, Yoojung expressed concerns about where BB Girls is on the map of female K-pop idols. Yoojung said, “It’s kind of hard to call us idols. We are just female singers. The youngest is 31 years old”, adding, “It’s hard keeping up with a cute image. I’m embarrassed to do the ending pose”. 

After the “Rollin’” revival, Yoojung also talked about the gifts she received from fans. 

Meanwhile, former members of Brave Girls restarted their careers by moving to a new home, Warner Music Korea in April. They renamed themselves BB Girls as the group’s previous name is copyrighted by Brave Entertainment. 

Fans are paying keen attention to BB Girls’ future activities after their second resurrection. 

Source: nate 

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