NCT Taeyong features Red Velvet Wendy in his first solo album

Red Velvet Wendy will feature in NCT Taeyong’s first solo album.

Taeyong’s first mini-album “SHALALA” is scheduled to be out on various music sites at 6 PM (KST) on June 5th. The album will include a total of seven songs that Taeyong took part in writing and composing himself, including the title song “SHALALA”. 


Among them, “Move Mood Mode” is a medium-tempo pop song that combines cheerful chord progression and bouncy synth sound. Musician SQUAR joined the production to create an enjoyable and complete song. 


In addition, the lyrics communicate a couple’s fresh emotions and gestures when they are with each other. On top of that, “Move Mood Mode” also features Red Velvet Wendy. A combination of Taeyong’s charming rap and Wendy’s sweet vocals doubles the excitement for the release of the song.

Meanwhile, Taeyong’s first mini-album “SHALALA” will greet the public on June 5th. 

Source: daum 

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