Leaving post and approaching BTS Jin, military medical officer faces disciplinary action

A female medical officer from the army’s 28th division faces disciplinary action after attempting to vaccinate BTS Jin and get close.

According to information released on May 18, Lieutenant A (20 years old, female medical officer) of the 28th Division drove her car from Unit C located in B city, Gyeonggi province for about 30 minutes, to visit the rookie training center (Yeoncheon-gun) of the 5th Division, where BTS Jin is serving.


Lieutenant A then attempted to approach BTS Jin by exploiting her close personal relationship with Nurse D from the nursing unit.

From about 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM that day, A proceeded to administer the second dose of the dengue fever vaccine to Jin at the medical room of the 5th Division’s rookie training center.

When A returned to the unit where she worked and recalled that time, she told others, “Jin seemed to be seriously ill.”

It is known that A did not report to her superior and fled from her workplace. According to Article 79 of the Military Criminal Code, this act will face imprisonment or suspended sentence under one year.

A is also suspected of smuggling a large amount of Tylenol into the 5th Division’s rookie training center.


According to the informant, they overheard Lieutenant A talking on the phone with Lieutenant D. After hearing that the 5th Division was lacking some types of medicine, she promised to give them a large amount of Tylenol (painkiller, fever reducer) from the 28th Division.

The informant criticized Lieutenant A’s misconduct, “This person pretended to report to the personnel manager that she would go to the 5th Division but did not actually ask for permission. Greed and personal benefits fill her mind, making her no longer clear-headed.”

 If A’s misconduct is true, her entire unit will have to face harsh criticism.

This unauthorized departure was previously raised through a civil complaint. At the time, the 28th Division and 5th Division, and the 5th Corps conducted a joint investigation. However, until recently, the military had no measures against Lieutenant A.


The informant also pointed out, “The 5th Division even imposes penalties if someone wants Jin’s signature. This act of fleeing from the workplace needs to be severely punished.”

E, who was discharged as a lieutenant, criticized: “It’s wrong for an official who abides by the law and regulations and sets an example for soldiers to leave the workplace on her own.”

Not only within the military but also from outside, there are negative views, raising suspicions that the military is deliberately covering up this case.

Lieutenant Colonel Seo Jung Hoon, Chief of Staff of the 28th Division, said, “We have confirmed some allegations through the investigation, there is no chance of us covering up this matter. We are conducting an investigation at the Ministry of Justice (after the military investigation) and will apply disciplinary action based on the law.”

Source: K Crush

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