Running Man’s Song Ji-hyo once again wears tight-fitting clothes… Her “chest volume” makes netizens’ jaws drop

Song Ji-hyo wore a tight-fitting outfit once again on SBS’ “Running Man”.

Song Ji-hyo‘s “real body” was revealed as it is, causing surprise.

On SBS’ “Running Man“, which aired on Sep 18th, a special race in Gangwon-do was held.

“Running Man” members planned to wrap up the four-week “penalty” race in Gangwon-do, but they gathered at a restaurant that serves dishes of Gangwon-do instead of Gangwon-do due to the typhoon.

Yoo Jae-suk made everyone laugh by saying, “Ji Suk-jin’s hometown is Jeongseon, Gangwon-do. He went to Jeongseon on ‘Running Man’ the other day, but none of the local residents recognized him.”

running man

Instead of the canceled “penalty” race, the production team prepared the “We Want to Go to Gangwon” race with missions that remind members of the place. After each mission, the winning team will get 13 potatoes and the losing team will get 10 potatoes.

Meanwhile, on Sep 28th, a post titled “Song Ji-hyo’s recent costume” was uploaded on the community FM Korea, drawing attention. There was a video of Song Ji-hyo appearing on the broadcast at that time.

running man

Song Ji-hyo wore a body–hugging long-sleeved top. It was a combination of khaki and stripes.

At this time, Song Ji-hyo’s chest volume caught viewers’ eyes. Although she has a slim body comparable to that of a model, her volume is exceptional. Song Ji-hyo’s cleavage was also seen because of her revealing clothes.

FM Korea’s netizens agreed that it was really unexpected.

Below are videos (gifs) of the broadcast scene at that time.

Source: wikitree

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