BLACKPINK’s Jennie Publicly Mentioned Jang Doyeon on SNS

BLACKPINK’s Jennie sent a love call to Jang Doyeon

On the 14th, Jennie said on her personal social media, “Jang Doyeon unnie, when can I get an invitation to your salon?” She then boasted about her unique friendship, saying, “Let’s meet again soon, Hyunji, and do a challenge together.”

The reason Jennie mentioned Jang Doyeon and Shin Hyunji like this was because of the ‘Salon Drip 2’ episode uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘TEO 테오 on the 12th. On that day, Shin Hyunji mentioned Jennie while revealing behind-the-scenes stories of Chanel’s fashion show. Jennie and Shin Hyunji are well-known close friends in the entertainment industry.


In response, Jennie actively appealed to Jang Doyeon, expressing her desire to participate in ‘Salon Drip 2,’ thus creating anticipation for a meeting between the two.

BLACKPINK, to which Jennie belongs, recently won the ‘Group of the Year’ award at the ‘2023 MTV VMAs’ held at the Prudential Center in New Jersey, making them the first K-pop girl group to win the trophy two years in a row.

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