Running Man’s Song Ji-hyo wears a tight outfit… Her “chest volume” is really unexpected

Song Ji-hyo, who wore a tight costume on SBS’ “Running Man”, attracted attention.

Song Ji-hyo‘s “real figure” was revealed as it was, drawing admiration.

On the July 3rd broadcast of SBS’ “Running Man“, Song Ji-hyo and other members visited Kim Jong-kook’s house.

song ji hyo running man outfits

The opening began in the underground parking lot of Kim Jong-kook’s house. Song Ji-hyo, who draws a love line with Kim Jong-kook, made everyone laugh as she told the members, “My newlywed home is here. Since I invited you here, enjoy as much as you want.”

song ji hyo running man outfits

On this day, Kim Jong-kook turned on the air conditioner specially for the members. However, in response to Jeon So-min’s request for wet wipes, he showed his frugal side by saying, “Why are you using two sheets?”

Yoo Jae-suk revealed, “I unexpectedly heard that Jeon So-min imagined her combination with Kim Jong-kook. She said, ‘Oppa. It’s not a regular thing but I’ve thought about it several times.'” Song Ji-hyo then exclaimed, “Don’t talk nonsense.” Viewers burst into laughter at this scene.

Shortly after the broadcast, a post titled “Running Man Song Ji-hyo’s costume today” was uploaded on the community FM Korea, drawing attention. There were videos of Song Ji-hyo appearing on the broadcast.

song ji hyo running man outfits

Song Ji-hyo wore a tight short-sleeved top. It was a combination of light purple and apricot.

At this time, Song Ji-hyo’s chest volume caught viewers’ eyes. Although she has a slim body comparable to that of a model, her volume is exceptional. FM Korea’s netizens agreed that it was really unexpected.

Below are videos (gifs) of the broadcast scene at that time.

Source: wikitree

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