Park Eun-bin shed tears when talking about Woo Young-woo and mom (You Quiz)

On tvN’s entertainment program “You Quiz on the Block” (hereinafter referred to as “You Quiz”), which aired on Oct 5th, trustworthy actress Park Eun-bin appeared as a guest.

Park Eun-bin, who captivated the whole country with ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” (written by Moon Ji-eun) 3 months ago, was warmly welcomed by Yoo Jae-suk and Jo Se-ho. When Yoo Jae-suk confessed, “People said that we had a hard time because of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ and ran away”, Park Eun-bin replied modestly, “No. Thank you for coming back and inviting me.”

Park Eun-bin is currently having busy days. Yoo Jae-suk said, “Not long ago, you ranked first in the drama brand reputation and won the grand prize for the drama ‘The King’s Affection’. There are so many good things for you this year.” Park Eun-bin expressed her gratitude once again, “I think I’ll remember 2022 as a special year.”

Park Eun-bin also showed tears. When Jo Se-ho asked “Is there anything you want to say to Woo Young-woo?”, Park Eun-bin smiled embarrassedly.

Park Eun-bin shared with a tearful expression on her face, “I once cried while talking about this. I was lonely like Young-woo. So it kind of felt like a faucet. Lawyer Woo Young-woo, I have always hoped you will be happy forever from the moment I got to know you.”

Park Eun-bin then left a video letter to her mother. Park Eun-bin burst into tears as she said, “Mom, thanks to you, I can live like this. You worked hard, and I don’t think I can do anything about it. I hope you can live a long and healthy life with me as my best friend and the best mentor in my life. I love you, mom.”

Finally, Park Eun-bin did not lose her warmth by cheering, “As a fan, I hope ‘You Quiz’ will cruise.”

Source: daum

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