The reason why this trainee debuted as an actor and not an idol despite 6 years of training

This person used to be in the debut team of Boyfriend and MONSTA X. He even appeared on “PRODUCE 101”.

Actor Park Sun Ho recently signed with Namoo Actors. Namoo Actors revealed the news on Dec 21st, “We will provide constant support for Park Sun Ho, who has infinite potential, to show his skills to the fullest.”

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Park Sun Ho is appearing in the Coupang Play drama “Fanta G Spot,” which was released on Dec 23rd, and is working hard in acting as he recently confirmed being cast in the movie “La Bang.”

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He made his debut in the drama “Golden Rainbow” in 2014 and has since enthusiastically proved his potential in “Rude Miss Yeong Ae Season 14” and “A Poem A Day.”

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He also made headlines after appearing on Mnet’s audition program “Produce X 101” in 2019. At that time, Park Sun Ho drew attention after he revealed in an interview with the production team that he had been an idol trainee since 3rd grade of middle school in 2008.

He said, “I kept getting eliminated at the end while preparing for my debut. After I was eliminated twice, I thought a lot about why I kept missing the chance to debut in an idol group,” he confessed.

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In fact, his relationship with Starship Entertainment was quite bitter. He joined the company before Sistar’s Soyou for his dream of becoming an idol, but failed to be in the debut group of Boyfriend and MONSTA X.

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At the time of the interview, Park Sun Ho revealed why he turned to being an actor, saying, “I turned to being an actor step by step because I thought that my dream of becoming an idol is something I can only want and will never come true.”

“Whenever I watched a music program or went to a concert of my friends (who trained together with me), I always thought, ‘I could have been one of them.’I’m here because I want to sing and dance as much as I want,” he said on “Produce 101”. However, he was eliminated at #25.

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Meanwhile, Park Sun Ho made his debut as an actor through the drama “Golden Rainbow” in 2014 and has been active in works such as “I’m sorry, But I Love You,” “A Poem A Day,” “The Best Chicken” and “Champion.”

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